Grief Reconciliation Global Initiatives

We have begun a series of global, interdisciplinary, inter-faith projects aimed at exploring and expanding knowledge on the topic of grief reconciliation.

Grief Reconciliation Global Initiatives address the topic of grief in three ways:

  • Developing resources that will educate the public
  • Collaborating with those who have suffered loss, clinical partners, as well as academic institutions in order to make the fields of study on grief more accessible and relevant. We look at the complex phenomenon of grief by showing that it is a process that incorporates physical, spiritual, mental and social components
  • Developing a series of workshops intended to transfer the knowledge that already exists within certain professional groups, as well as client groups, directly to those who may benefit from this discussion on the topic of grief and reconciliation

Grief Reconciliation International is working in partnership with:

The Grief Reconciliation Initiative, York Institute for Health Research
Jan Hatanaka, Ph.D., YIHR Research Fellow, leads this initiative with the goal of facilitating the transfer of knowledge between academic disciplines and the community on the topic of grief reconciliation. Projects are being developed to: Educate the public about the need to learn about grief and grief reconciliation; create dialogue on the topic of grief reconciliation between academics, practitioners, and the community.

Jean Vanier, the community of L’Arche and Norflicks Production have partnered with Grief Reconciliation International to produce two documentary films.

A Journey to Meaning
Grief as a Process